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K O U R T  S P O R T S

 Our Vision

We envision a world that's hopeful by choosing healthier choices to improve movement throughout daily activities while sporting stylish apparel.



Kourtney Daniel-Robinson is a fashion designer, marketing consultant, and creative professional. Native to Spartanburg,SC and raised in Charlotte, NC, she was the captain of the tennis team her senior year at Julius L. Chambers High School. She also participated in the shot put and discus field events. 

 While attending North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC, she became Miss NCCU (2015). She created a closet, promoting professional development, that is active on campus to this day! The closet provides new and gently used business suits and career-ready materials to prepare students for the workplace. Kourtney graduated May 2016 with a degree in Business Marketing.

She believes that a healthy combination of spirituality, physical awareness, and constant personal development is the true essence of living a prosperous life. Health and wellness became a top priority for Kourtney after Covid-19 hit. She realized how important physical activity was while participating in a 100 mile running challenge. She has seen a drastic change, not only in her physical appearance, but also her mental stability. She was fueled to encourage people to take control of things that can be controlled and remain hopeful during uncertainty. We welcome you to Kourt Sports.

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